Zotac ZBOX M-series mini PC systems unveiled


Zotac ZBOX M-s eries mini PC

Zotac ZBOX M-s eries mini PC

New mini PCs have been launched by Zotac this month in the form of the new Zotac ZBOX MI574 and Zotac ZBOX MI554 which are now available to purchase from online retailers such as NewEgg priced at $350. The ZBOX MI554 (Barebone) mini PC system reference ZBOX-MI554 is equipped with a 9th Gen Intel Core i5 Processor, while the ZBOX MI574 (Barebone) reference ZBOX-MI574 is fitted with a more powerful 9th Gen Intel Core i7 Processor.

Zotac ZBOX M-series mini PC

Zotac ZBOX M-series mini PC

Both mini PC system support up to 64GB DDR4-2666/2400 memory, and offer the ability to connect up to 3 displays and are equipped with USB 3.1 Gen2 (Type-C), 6 x USB 3.0 and native 4K support. The mini PC also offer a smart thermal design, a spacious internal cavity, and the large surface area of ventilation, the all new ZBOX M Series Mini PC maintains “whisper quiet noise levels” while staying cool and comfortable says Zotac.

Zotac ZBOX M-series mini PC

Zotac ZBOX M-series mini PC

“The all-new ZOTAC ZBOX M Series Mini PCs embodies future fast technologies in a refreshed and re-invigorated design. Refreshed to look and feel more modern, minimal, and sleek in design while invigorated with more open ventilation to allow the inner workings to more easily breathe. The matte surface breathes a hint of elegance and the textured body add detailed depth while the spacious internals allow future fast technologies to permeate all throughout. Professionally dressed for the office and casually comfortable for the home, the all new ZBOX M Series Mini PC is the multi-functional, super compact productivity desktop computer.”

The all-new ZOTAC ZBOX M Series introduces the simplest of design for accessing the internals for simple internal expansion. In just two steps and with just two simple push points, easily remove the protective cover and gain access to the internals.

– Zotac ZBOX MI574

– Zotac ZBOX MI554

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