Zoom is coming to the Google Nest Hub later this year

Zoom is coming to the Google Nest Hub later this year


Source: Joe Maring / Android Central

While you can use either Google Meet or Duo to make video calls on Nest Hub smart displays, in the future, Google will be adding support for a competing service, Zoom.

Google announced on Wednesday:

Zoom is coming to Assistant-enabled Smart Displays, including Nest Hub Max, by the end of the year. […]Anyone with a Zoom account—whether it’s free or paid—will be able to join a video call from their Hub Max or other Assistant-enabled Smart Display. With Meet or Zoom, you can easily move from one call to the next.

While Google Duo and Meet were expected on the platform, Zoom comes as a bit of a surprise. On the other hand, Google has never shied away from supporting competitors where it made sense in a way certain rival companies would not. Zoom, for its part, is used widely enough that an addition to the Nest Hub is probably worth more to Google and their customers than keeping it locked down to Meet and Duo, even as Google’s plans for that duo (ahem) are uncertain.

You’ll have to wait a little bit for Zoom though, Google says the update is coming at the end of the year.

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