You can now buy the weird and wacky LG Wing from AT&T

You can now buy the weird and wacky LG Wing from AT&T


Source: Joe Maring / Android Central

LG announced the Wing would be going on sale in AT&T later in the fall, and it’s now available today, November 6th. AT&T will join Verizon and T-Mobile, both of whom already sell the 5G-capable Wing for $999 if you’re purchasing it outright. AT&T will sell it in Aurora Gray for $,1049 outright. Otherwise, buyers can pay from $35 a month on an installment plan, or from $11.67 if they have a phone to trade-in.

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Reviewing the LG Wing, Alex Dobie found it to be a “fun science experiment” with mixed utility:

The LG Wing is fun to play with, but the reality is that this quirky science experiment mostly fails to make the transition to a compelling consumer product. For $1000, the Wing is missing table-stakes features like a faster refresh rate and a telephoto zoom camera, to say nothing of the mediocre performance in general. Meanwhile, LG’s software, while inoffensive enough, struggles to keep up with the multitasking demands of a dual-screen handset, and the company’s poor upgrade track record casts doubts on when users will be able to expect an update to Android 11.

The Wing is a weird phone with its big, flippy screen, and it’s also a really expensive one. There’s an audience for a more refined version of this phone, it’s just not clear whether that audience should invest in this version of the Wing before the more refined model appears.

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