Xbox console exclusive 'The Medium' has been delayed to January

Xbox console exclusive ‘The Medium’ has been delayed to January


Bloober Team isn’t the first developer to move the release date of its latest game to avoid Cyberpunk 2077, either. In October, Rockfish Games delayed Everspace 2 to avoid CD Projekt’s behemoth. It was more explicit on that point. “We are aware that Everspace 2 fans will be unhappy, but competing with the arguably most anticipated video game in history is just not a good idea,” the studio said at the time.

As we point out in our Xbox Series X and S reviews, both of Microsoft’s next-generation consoles feature powerful hardware, but they lack compelling games at the moment. The Medium isn’t a tentpole title for Microsoft. However, had it come out to strong critical acclaim, it would have helped give Series X and S owners something to play that’s not available on many other platforms.

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