WUUK smart doorbell from $99


Smart doorbell

Smart doorbell

If you are considering upgrading your home to include a smart doorbell you may be interested in the WUUK, being marketed as the “world’s most advanced smart doorbell”. WUUK It is easy to install and is available from just $99 or roughly £77 with worldwide delivery expected to take place during January 2020. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the smart home doorbell and its features.


Smart doorbell comparison

Smart doorbell comparison

WUUK can be setup fast without the need for professional installation. Any homeowner can install WUUK easily, using mounting screws or double-sided tape. The doorbell can be wired in for power or simply run off the internal battery for up to 8 months. Because it works over Wi-Fi, no other wires are necessary.”

WUUK detects motion when someone is at your door and sends you notification immediately with a 0.35s quick wake-up speed. You can open the camera to say hello, send a pre-recorded response or simply monitor the situation. With WUUK, you will know everything that is happening at your home’s door, instantly.”

“When someone presses the doorbell you can receive a 1080p HD two-way video call via your smartphone. You will never miss a visitor again! Enjoy instant real-time communication with your visitor from anywhere. Or, if you are busy or it is an unsolicited visit, you may send a pre-recorded voice message of your choice.”

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