What is inside the new 16 inch MacBook Pro (Video)


16 inch MacBook Pro

16 inch MacBook Pro

Yesterday we got find out how the new keyboard on the 16 inch MacBook Pro is designed and now we get to find out what is inside the whole device.

The guys from iFixit have taken Apple’s new high end MacBook Pro notebook apart and they have also created a new video which you can see below.

The new MacBook Pro comes with an updated keyboard which uses the scissor design which is considerably more reliable that the butterfly design that has been used over the last few years.

iFixit have discovered that upgrading the device is almost impossible which is no surprise, they have also give the new MacBook Pro a score on their repair index.

16 inch MacBook Pro

16 inch MacBook Pro

When iFixit takes a device apart they give it a score of between 1 to 10, 1 means it is very hard to repair and 10 means it is easy to repair. The new 16 inch MacBook keyboard only managed a score of 1 out of 10, this means it is very hard to repair. You can find out more details about what is inside the device over at iFixit at the link below.

Source iFixit

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