Here’s the difference between the cameras in the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series

US FCC listing reveals an LTE-only variant of Samsung Galaxy Note 20


One of the hottest trends for all new and upcoming 2020 flagships is 5G support, but buyers in countries where 5G is yet to roll out are not too happy paying the extra premium for a feature that is not worth a penny to them at the moment. Samsung appears to have taken cognizance of the conundrum and is apparently working on a 4G-only variant of its next stylus-toting flagship.

As per test reports published by the US FCC for a device carrying the model number SM-N985F (and reportedly SM-986B as well), there will be a 4G-only variant of the Galaxy Note 20 as well, both in its single-SIM and dual-SIM flavors. It appears that Samsung will also sell variants of the Snapdragon 865+ powered Galaxy Note 20 on which the Snapdragon X55 modem will disable 5G connectivity.

This will likely be the case for markets where 5G is yet to become widely available or hasn’t been rolled out yet, at all. However, this won’t be new, as Samsung already sells 4G-only variant of the Galaxy S20 in markets where the next-gen cellular connectivity standard is yet to arrive.

Source: US FCC

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