Toyota unveils new WelWalk WW-200 rehabilitation robot, to help people walk (video)


Toyota WelWalk WW-200 robot

Toyota WelWalk WW-200 robot

Toyota has unveiled it latest rehabilitation robot which is designed to help people walk again, the Toyota WelWalk WW-200.

The Toyota WelWalk WW-200 is designed to help people with limb paralysis, this can be cause by a stroke and other causes.

The new WelWalk WW-200 upgrades the features of the previous WW-1000 model, notably with rehabilitation support functions based on motor learning theory and greater ease of use in clinical environments.

Specifically, it adds functions to show display assistance settings in real time to help improve a patient’s abnormal gait, and a game function that can help motivate patients to persevere with their rehabilitation efforts. Adding these new functions reduces the burden on therapists and provides users with more efficient walking training.

You can find out more information about the new Toyota WelWalk WW-200 rehabilitation robot over at Toyota at the link below.

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