Things to Know About Android 11 Screenshot Feature – Gadgets To Use

Things to Know About Android 11 Screenshot Feature – Gadgets To Use


Android 11 is finally out and all the supported Pixel smartphones are already getting the new update. There are a lot of features and user interface changes in the new version update which you need to know. The Android 11 screenshot experience is also upgraded and got some new features that let you share the screenshot right after taking them.


Ther new screenshot feature lets you share and even edit the screenshot right after capturing it. There are two options while you take a screenshot in Android 11, one is a complete screenshot and the other is to capture a selection of the screen. You will be able to screenshot only a small section of the screen so you don’t have to hide anything, not the screen separately.

Steps to Capture Screenshot in Android 11

  1. To take a screenshot, first, tap and hold the volume down and power button together till you see the animation on the screen.
  2. You will then see two options Screenshot or Select, select one of them.
  3. If you select the screenshot option, the complete screenshot will be talked and saved on in your smartphone’s gallery.
  4. If you choose the select option, you will be asked to select the part fo the screen to capture.
  5. Once you select that section, the screenshot will be captured. You will see two options with the screenshot at the bottom of the screen. You can share it or delete it right away.

Wrapping up

This is how you can take a screenshot in the new Android 11 version of your smartphone. For more Android 11 tips and tricks, follow us on social media pages to stay updated.

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