The next season of ‘Destiny 2’ returns to Mercury and Osiris


This being Destiny, there are also new goodies… lots of goodies. All players can access new seasonal armor sets and earn gear like Symmetry, an exotic scout rifle. Season pass holders, however, get plenty of perks. You’ll need a pass to play Sundial, but paying up also immediately unlocks Symmetry and offers access to an exotic emote, finisher, Ghost and ornament. You can expect exotic questions, triumphs, bounties and lore books, too.

The season will wrap up on March 9th. If the outgoing season (Undying) is anything to go by, you’ll have to play often to complete everything, which is no doubt the point. Bungie is still keenly aware of complaints that players would quickly run out of things to do earlier in Destiny 2‘s history, and this could keep them from drifting toward other games out of boredom.

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