State of Decay 2 hits Steam in early 2020


If you want another way to play State of Decay 2, the zombie-filled survival game is now scheduled to come to Steam in early 2020. You won’t have to worry about finding friends to play with, either. The title will support four-person Xbox Live cross-play, so friends who bought the game through the Microsoft Store or on Xbox One can join you in fending off the undead. Sounds pretty good to me.

Pricing and other details are still coming, although you can add the game to your wishlist now if this is something that intrigues you. We should have more info on it soon.

You may or may not know, but this isn’t the first Microsoft Store-centric game to make its way onto Steam. However, it is an admission that Steam represents a large audience that’s hard for Microsoft to ignore. Even if there aren’t many potential customers left by the time State of Decay arrives since it is almost two years old by the time it hits Steam, it could provide enough of a boost to keep the game alive for a while to come.

So if you think you will like the game, add it to your wishlist right now.

Source Engadget

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