SoundHub amplifier connects all your devices


SoundHub Amplifier

SoundHub Amplifier

RÖTH & MYERS based in Barcelona, Spain have created a new “next-generation” sound amplifier specifically designed to connect all your entertainment devices, in the form of the aptly named SoundHub. Choose from Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Airplay or DLNA for wireless connectivity. In addition, you can use HDMI, Optical, USB-In, USB DAC, Ethernet, AUX or headset for wired connectivity. All connectivity is easily controlled using the company’s iOS and Android application.

“Thanks to SoundHub’s connectivity interface, you can link your old devices to top platforms like Spotify, TuneIn or Tidal or connect them with your TV or Audio – giving your beloved speakers a new life. SoundHub easily connects to your TV and Home Theatre systems, giving you the best sound quality for a more enjoyable movie-watching experience with your family. Watching your favorite movies and TV series at home has never been this immersive. “

“SoundHub connects your preferred music or radio streaming platforms to any loudspeaker so you can freely crank up the volume while your favorite song is playing. SoundHub also supports all types of music formats including the latest protocol, high-resolution, and lossless codecs. You can also connect SoundHub to online streaming platforms such as Spotify by downloading our free R&M App.”

Features of the SoundHub amplifier include :

– Why still spending big money on an amplifier?
– Connect to Spotify and other music, radio applications with SoundHub
– Enjoy wireless connectivity: Bluetooth, WiFi, Airplay, DLNA
– Enjoy wired connectivity: HDMI, Optic, Aux, USB-DAC, USB-A, LAN
– Create a home cinema in your living room. Connect your TV and passive speakers with SoundHub.
– Re-use your old devices such as Turntable, CD/DVD player and others with SoundHub
– Connect your sub-woofer via 3.5 phone jack and feel deeper bass sound
– Listen to music with your own headset
– Play same music with several speakers simultaneously (Multi-room, Multi-channel)
– Decorate your home with simple & modern designed SoundHub

Source: Kickstarter

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