Sony SRS-WS1 immersive wearable wireless speaker


wearable wireless speaker

wearable wireless speaker

Sony has created a new wearable wireless speaker in the form of the Sony WS1 which sits on a user’s shoulders and provides an “immersive” sound experience from “a new perspective” says Sony. “Simply place the wireless speaker on your shoulders and surround yourself in the sound and vibrations. Completely immerse yourself in sound for a realistic experience, as if you were there.”

The wireless speaker has been designed to sit on your shoulders making sure you are not isolated from your surroundings, friends and family. The wearable speaker is equipped with a passive radiator vibration plate to enhance low tones by combining sounds and vibrations to offer an intense immersive experience.

“Experience television, movies, and games as never before with the Immersive Wearable Speaker. Simply place the speaker on your shoulders and surround yourself in the sound and vibrations as if you were there. Because it rests on your shoulders, you can still hear your surroundings, allowing you to join in conversations with family and friends.”

Sony wearable wireless speaker

Sony wearable wireless speaker

Features of the Sony WS1 Immersive Wearable Speaker :

– Completely immerse yourself in sound.
– Enjoy a new way to experience television, movies, and games.
– A dynamic sound experience that does not isolate you from your surroundings.
– Experience high quality sound even in volume-conscious living quarters2.
– Feel the intensity from vibrations that accompany the bass sounds.
– A comfortable and secure fit for long periods of use or while relaxing.
– Hear details clearly without invasive sound levels.
– Connecting to your TV or smartphone is easy.
– Simply place on the charging stand to charge it.

The Sony WS1 wearable speaker is now available to preorder price to $250 allowing you to save $50 up until December 1st, 2019 when the wearable speaker will officially launch.

Source: Sony

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