Smartcoby credit card sized battery pack


battery pack

battery pack

Most battery packs are heavy items more suited for carrying in your bag are normally easily forgotten when you are travelling light. Smartcoby is a new small lightweight battery pack slightly larger than a credit card offering the world’s “smallest and lightest power bank” to date say it’s creators based in Osaka, Japan.

  • Compact: 2.6×3.5×0.5inches (65x90x13mm)
  • Super lightweight: 0.3lbs (137g) the same as 2 eggs!
  • Compatible with PD 3.0 and QC4+, quick charge technology for next generation.
  • Macbook compatible.
  • Multiple-functions compatible with many devices.

“Power banks are heavy and big!” SMARTCOBY will overturn such conventional thinking. For the future in high capacity power banks, all while being just the size of a credit card, we introduce SMARTCOBY: the standard for next generation power banks.”

“With limited smartphone battery capacity, daily power bank use has become ubiquitous so we have designed the best one for you. SMARTCOBY is not only extremely compact, but also has multiple functions. SMARTCOBY will definitely make your lifestyle more convenient.”

Early bird pledges are available from £19 or roughly $32 giving a 26% saving off the recommended retail price to the first 100 lucky backers. Worldwide shipping is expected to take place during February 2020.

battery pack

battery pack

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