Sharpin digital pinball machine from €149


Sharpin digital pinball machine

Sharpin digital pinball machine

Sharpin is a new digital pinball machine that offers a portable affordable solution compared to the larger mechanical pinball machines that start from thousands of pounds. Powered by a quad core CPU 64 bit processor supported by 4 GB of RAM and equipped with a penta-core GPU chip the digital pinball machine is loaded with the Android 9 operating system and includes arcade buttons and a 24 inch full HD LCD display.

Digital pinball

Digital pinball

Early bird pledges are available from €149 for the core DIY kit with a fully assembled machine priced at €599. Launched via Kickstarter this month worldwide shipping is expected to commence sometime during April 2020.

“The pinball machine runs a computing unit optimized for Android and an encoder unit to translate the input from arcade buttons used in the Pinball machine. I use a pure, minimalistic product-design which uses only the essential elements needed. This combination makes it possible to offer a kit for a reasonable price. Furthermore, you can connect it to your PC to play Future Pinball, Virtual Pinball and more. For this purpose, there will be an optional backglass mount.”

“The computing unit is a customized Android chipset. The chipset is produced by the factory of our hardware-partner and is perfectly balanced for gaming. For the main controls, we use an encoder unit to translate the input from arcade buttons used in the pinball machine. The chipset also features multiple USB ports. So you can also use the system with a keyboard, mouse or a gamepad. For the shell, we use a simple design constructed with coated wood. The screen size is 24”.”

Source: Kickstarter

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