Samsung has big plans for folding smartphones in 2020


Samsung folding smartphones

Samsung folding smartphones

Samsung apparently has big plans for folding smartphones in 2020, the company is looking to significantly increase foldable smartphones in 2020.

Samsung’s CEO DJ Koh recently revealed that the company has big plans for folding devices, he said that We will significantly increase the sales of foldable smartphones next year.

There have been rumors of a second Galaxy Fold smartphone in the works, it is possible that we could see a number of new models next year. The company recently teased a new folding handset that folds vertically.

Samsung is apparently looking to sell around 6 million folding smartphones in 2020, whether it will be able to achieve this remains to be seen. Their current folding device, the Samsung Galaxy Fold retails for around $2,000, the handsets will need top be more affordable is they want to sell higher numbers of the device.

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