Samsung Galaxy S10e vs iPhone 11 (Video)


Samsung Galaxy S10e vs iPhone 11

Samsung Galaxy S10e vs iPhone 11

The Samsung Galaxy S10e is Samsung’s affordable version of their S10 and the iPhone 11 is Apple’s affordable version of this years new iPhones and now we get to compare the Samsung Galaxy S10e vs iPhone 11 in a new video.

In the video below from Nick Ackerman we get to see the Galaxy S10e and the iPhone 11 side by side and compare the features of the two devices.

The iPhone appears to be quicker at loading some of the apps than the S10e, including many of the games.

As we can see from the video both handsets are great devices, the iPhone 11 retails for $699 and the Galaxy S10e retails for $749, although Samsung is offering it for $549 in the US at the moment.

Source & Image Credit: Nick Ackerman

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