Retro Gaming with Raspberry Pi mini PC book


Retro Gaming with Raspberry Pi

Retro Gaming with Raspberry Pi

In addition to the Raspberry Pi Foundation making available their new book Get Started With Arduino, earlier this week the Pi Press publishing team also announced the availability of a new Retro Gaming with Raspberry Pi book offering a 164 page publication shows you how to set up a Raspberry Pi to play classic games; and how to build your own portable console, a full-size arcade cabinet, and a pinball machine with clear step-by-step guides.

The Retro Gaming with Raspberry Pi book is now available to purchase priced at £10 directly from the Raspberry Pi Press website and the team responsible for creating the HackSpace magazine.

“You’ll learn how to program your own games using Python and Pygame Zero, allowing you to recreate some of your favourite retro games, as well as learning how lines of code can produce gorgeous graphics and hours of nostalgia-driven fun. If that’s not enough, you’ll also find reviews of some of the best retro gamer kit, such as cases and controllers; tips on setting up emulators; and showcases of some gorgeous retro-fit Raspberry Pi systems.”

For more details and to order your copy or download the free PDF jump over to the HackSpace blog.

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