Resident Evil 3 remake rumoured to be in development


Resident Evil 3 remake

Resident Evil 3 remake

Resident Evil fans will be pleased to know that rumours are circulating that a Resident Evil 3 remake is currently under development and could be launched by Capcom as early as next year. YouTube SpawnWave has been notified by sources that the development of the game is currently underway and that it could launch during 2020.

It’s not the first time rumours have been circulating about a Resident Evil 3 remake and following on from the success of the Resident Evil 2 remake seems a logical progression for Capcom to take. The Eurogamer website explains that sources close to the development of the Resident Evil remakes say the recreation of RE3 has been underway for some time, ”although the franchise’s upcoming multiplayer portion Project Resistance is currently being given the spotlight”.

Unfortunately Capcom is keeping silent at the current time but if more details are made available or leaked regarding further information on the launch or development of a Resident Evil 3 remake we will keep you posted as always.

Source : Eurogamer : SpawnWave

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