Reclouder 4-in-1 smart audio recorder with cloud backup and more

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audio recorder

Reclouder is a portable audio recorder designed to connect directly to your microphone, instrument or camera, offering a smart audio recording solution for creators, musicians and videographers. Launched via Kickstarter this month early bird pledges are available from roughly £106 offering a considerable 32% discount off the recommended retail price.

Reclouder smart audio recorder

Reclouder smart audio recorder

“Never miss an exciting moment on stage and capture every performance. Simply plug in, play and record. Record one single instrument or microphone per Reclouder and scale up to record your entire band. Link multiple Reclouders via Bluetooth connectivity. Streamline your workflow by storing, syncing and sharing automatically in the cloud for post-production. Take on every project with Reclouder’s recording capabilities and pro grade preamp built to enhance every video mic. Record from one single source or scale up to a wireless multicam audio recording network. Effectively store, sync and share your project in the cloud for post-production.”

Features of the Reclouder Portable audio recorder include :

– Reclouder is a 24-bit/96kHz compact audio SD recorder.
– Link multiple Reclouders via our patented Bluetooth Mesh networking technology and remotely control this wireless multitrack recording system with our user-friendly mobile app.
– Automatically upload, archive and backup recorded audio files into a dedicated cloud session when connected with Wi-Fi (no need for computers, audio interfaces and other devices).
– Store, sync, and share audio files and enhance your recordings by using our cloud-based services such as mixing, editing, mastering and music distribution.

Source : Kickstarter

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