Razer Kraken Ultimate gaming headset with THX Spatial Audio


Razer gaming headset

Razer gaming headset

Razer has this week made available their new gaming headset in the form of the Razer Kraken Ultimate, equipped with custom 50 mm drivers, producing a “positionally-accurate audio in a 360-degree sphere for more realistic audio depth” says Razer.

“Built to produce a more natural sound curve, these expertly tuned drivers deliver super-clear sound and punchy bass that make for a more immersive and life-like soundscape, perfectly capturing every auditory detail to enhance this surround sound headset’s effectiveness. o ensure absolute clarity when relaying information to your squad, the headset’s retractable microphone is powered by active noise-canceling technology that detects and nullifies noise as you speak. Using this process, it’s able to effectively cancel out sounds such as the hum of your PC rig or cheering tournament crowds—making your voice even clearer.”

Kraken Ultimate gaming headset

Kraken Ultimate gaming headset

Features of the Kraken Ultimate gaming headset include :

– Enjoy long-lasting comfort during your gaming marathons with cushioned earcups designed to reduce heat build-up and apply minimal pressure on your head.
– With 16.8 million colors and a suite of effects, the headset’s ear cups illuminate with an underglow lighting that can be tweaked for a truly personalized look.
– A bauxite aluminum frame and stainless-steel headband make this PC gaming headset light, flexible and incredibly durable—built to withstand intense gaming sessions for years to come.

The Razer Kraken Ultimate gaming headset with THX Spatial Audio is now available to purchase priced at $130.

Source: Razer

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