Raspberry Pi Zero custom OBS controller project


Raspberry Pi Zero custom OBS controller

Raspberry Pi Zero custom OBS controller

Les Pounder has used a Raspberry Pi Zero mini PC to create an Open Broadcaster Software, OBS controller to aid with recording, streaming your YouTube or Twitch projects using the Pimoroni Keybow kit. Keybow is an easy-to-build, solderless, DIY mini mechanical keyboard, powered by theRaspberry Pi.

Small mechanical keyboard is available directly from the Pimoroni online store via the link below and comes with either 3 or 12 key layouts. With twelve illuminated keys, hot-swap clicky or linear switches, clear keycaps, and awesome customisable layouts and macros. Creator Pounder explains more about how the OBS controller can be programmed.

OBS controller

OBS controller

“Keybow uses a stripped down version of Raspbian, called Keybow OS. This OS is loaded into RAM on boot leaving the micro SD card free. To code Keybow I need to copy the Keybow OS to a blank micro SD card, 1GB is plenty! With Keybow OS on the card, insert the microSD card into the Keybow, and plug it in to your computer. After about 30 seconds the keys will light up and Keybow will appear as a USB keyboard. If this happens, GREAT! If not follow the troubleshooting section on the Pimoroni guide!”

To learn more about creating the Raspberry Pi powered Open Broadcaster Software, OBS controller jump over to the Les Pounder website by following the link below.

Source: Les Pounder : Pimoroni Keybow

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