Raspberry Pi scanner version 2


Raspberry Pi scanner

Raspberry Pi scanner

If you have come across the Raspberry Pi scanner before you might be interested to know that a second version has now been developed providing tutorials, 3D printing files and schematic’s as well as all the Python code you will need to create your very own Raspberry Pi scanner. But do be warned before you start this is a complex build and requires some 3D printing as well as connecting a variety of Raspberry Pi components together including the official Pi camera, mini PC and power supply.

“This is a complex build. It requires a fair amount of 3D printing knowledge, knowing how to connect electric and electronic components, some soldering skills and a lot of patience and skillfulness. I’m giving the plans for free and I cannot bear any responsibilities and for any loses or injuries, as well as no warranty that it will work. “

3D scanner

3D scanner

“This is the building of a REVOLUTION-ary new 3D Scanner and 360° product photography. It started as a hobby project and evolved into a full fledged product over the past 3 years. This is where I try to improve it by building better lighting and putting better lenses on the cameras. I figured that better uniform lighting all around the rig together with decent lenses might be a winning combination for scanning rig. If my reasoning is correct, I might actually be done with this. If you have any questions and inquiries regarding the project, please shoot an email and I’ll do my best to come back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for your interest!”

What will you need to build your own Raspberry Pi Scanner :

– Raspberry Pi Zero (1-7 pieces)
– Raspberry Pi Zero camera V1 or V2 (1-7 pieces)
– L298N Stepper controler
– Bipolar Stepper motor NEMA 17
– Power supply 12V 10A (for motor and LED)
– Power supply 5V for RPI and cameras
– 5mm Flange
– some M3 screws and bolts

For full details and a complete tutorial on how to 3D print and build your very own Raspberry Pi scanner jump over to the Revolution Scan website.

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