Program CircuitPython devices using the iPhone and iPad running iOS 13




Following on from the release of the highly anticipated Apple iPadOS, Adafruit has confirmed that the latest iPadOS 13.1 update supports CircuitPython USB devices just as well as iOS 13. Allowing users to copy, edit and run code on a Circuit Playground Express directly from an iPad using the same steps outlined for iPhone. CircuitPython is a programming language designed to simplify experimenting and learning to code on low-cost microcontroller boards. this

Adafruit explains a little more about Programming CircuitPython devices using the iPhone iOS 13 and iPad iPad OS 13 operating systems :

“With the launch of iOS 13, iPhone users now have the ability to edit code on CircuitPython USB devices! Once you’re device is updated, you can connect a board such as Circuit Playground Express and edit & run code on the go. This has been tested to work with the latest stable release of CircuitPython (v4.1.0) on Circuit Playground Express. Users running CircuitPython 5.0.0-alpha.4 will be unable to replace files on the CIRUITPY drive from iPad and should instead paste/rename – or simply load CircuitPython v4.1.0. Keep an eye out for our forthcoming Learn Guide with all the details.”

To be able to program CircuitPython devices using the iPhone and iPad running iOS 13 you’ll need is an iPhone 6 or later, a Lightning to USB adapter (or Apple’s Lightning to USB Camera Adapter), a CircuitPython powered USB device, and a Micro USB cable. Connect your Lightning to USB Adapter to iPhone and connect your CircuitPython device to the adapter via a micro USB cable. For full instructions on how to set up your iPhone or iPad to program using CircuitPython jump over to the official Adafruit blog by following the link below.

Source: Adafruit

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