Prince of Persia Remake reportedly coming soon

Prince of Persia Remake reportedly coming soon


By Sherif Saed,
Thursday, 20 August 2020 09:41 GMT

Ubisoft is seemingly working on a remake of the original Prince of Persia.

After Canadian, French and American retailers have all leaked Ubisoft announcements, it is now time for Guatemalan retailers to get in on the action. Max, a retailer in Guatemala, has posted two curious listings for Prince of Persia Remake for PS4 and Switch.

The listings, which had the remake pegged for a November release, have since been removed, but they were originally spotted by Ken Xyro on Twitter, who grabbed a couple of screenshots before they were gone. Although the logo resembles the well-remembered 2008 cel-shaded remake, this may actually be a remake of the classic, 1989 platformer.

Journalist Liam Robertson replied to the original Tweet saying, “There was a 2D remake of the original [Prince of Persia] floating around for a while and also tentative plans for other stuff.”

Assuming those are the same games, then modern gamers may soon rediscover the magic of the game that started it all. While he didn’t add any more colour to this himself, Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier indicated in a separate Tweet that Ubisoft had intended to surprise fans with the remake’s reveal, something that’s now been spoiled.

Ubisoft has, of course, previously remade the original game as Prince of Persia Classic, which came to PS3, Xbox 360 and mobile platforms in 2007, so this technically – assuming it, too, is a remake of the original – won’t be the publisher’s first attempt.

Ubisoft has another Forward event lined up for September, which is likely where we’re going to hear about the game officially.

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