Pirelli 5G Tyre will let road users know about road conditions


Pirelli 5G Tyre

Pirelli 5G Tyre

Pirelli has announced a new Pirelli 5G Tyre that is designed to share information with the 5G network and lets road users know about potentially dangerous road conditions.

The tyre can communicate through an Advanced Drive Assistance System and let road users know about potentially conditions.

The tyre is the only point of contact between the vehicle and road and, thanks to the technology which Pirelli is perfecting, it communicated with the vehicle, driver and, thanks to the potential of 5G, with the entire roadway infrastructure. The Pirelli Cyber Tyre, equipped with an internal sensor, will in future supply the car with data relative to the tyre model, kilometers clocked, dynamic load and, for the first time, situations of potential danger on road surfaces, from the presence of water to poor grip. This information will enable the car to adapt its control and driving assistance systems, greatly improving the level of safety, comfort and performance. In addition, it will provide the same information to other cars and the infrastructure. Thanks to the potential of 5G, Pirelli is able to place the tyre inside a wider communication context which involves the enter ecosystem of on-road transportation, actively contributing to the development of solutions and services for future mobility and systems of autonomous driving.

It sounds like and interesting device, you can find out more details about the new Pirelli 5G Tyre over at Pirelli at the link below.

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