Overwatch Junkrat’s RIP-tire built by Colin Furze


Overwatch Junkrat’s RIP-tire built by Colin Furze

Overwatch Junkrat’s RIP-tire built by Colin Furze

To help advertise the arrival of Overwatch on the Nintendo Switch handheld games console, Blizzard Entertainment have sponsored inventor and YouTube star Colin Furze to build a real-life working version of Junkrat’s RIP-tire. Check out the video below to learn more about the build process and see it in action smashing through a few panes of glass.

The real-life version of Junkrat’s RIP-tire weapon has been built using a chainsaw as a base together with a variety of custom components fabricated in Furze’s workshop. “I’ve Made a Real working RIP-TIRE, yes Junkrats back mounted weapon from Overwatch. Made from a chainsaw and some Furze magic, its good but I think we can go bigger on power and destruction so stay tuned for more.”

Although the remote controlled version of Junkrat’s RIP-tire is pretty awesome, Furze is hoping to make it even more devastating and will be posting a follow-up video in the coming weeks. To check out this and previous creations by Furze jump over to his YouTube channel which has over 8.5 million subscribers.

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