OnePlus 7T Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ speed test (Video)


OnePlus 7T Pro

OnePlus 7T Pro

OnePlus launched their new  more powerful 7T Pro smartphone recently and now we have a speed test of the OnePlus 7T Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10+.

In the video below from PhoneBuff the same apps are run side by side on the Galaxy Note 10+ and the OnePlus 7T Pro, lets see which of the two handsets is the fastest.

The handsets have similar specifications both come with 12GB of RAM, the Note 10+ has a Snapdragon 855 and the OnePlus 7T Pro has the newer Snapdragon 855+.

As we can see from the video in the first round the Note 10+ was 2 seconds faster than the OnePlus 7T in the first round. In the final round the OnePlus 7T Pro was one second slower than the Note 1-0+ so there really was nothing between the two handsets in the test.

Source & Image Credit: PhoneBuff

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