Novasom U5 ARM single board mini PCs


Novasom U5 mini PC

Novasom U5 mini PC

An alternative to the Raspberry Pi mini PC is the Novasom U5 available as both the SBC-U5A and SBC-U5C, offering RASPMOOD models with RPi footprints and 40-pin GPIO (25 usable). The mini PC systems run the Yocto Project Linux stack based on Linux 4.1.15 powered by a 900MHz i.MX6 ULL.

“Novasom Industries designs and produces mainly ARM-based single board computers and embedded systems. All our industrial SBCs are the result of years of technical experience. They are designed as a complete real solutions and not just a part of them. Novasom ARM SBC (single board computers) are available in several standard configurations, but we are always ready to put our skill up to service of each of our partners creating tailor-made or Custom solutions to meet our customer’s needs. All our boards have been built to work 24/7 for several years, since they have been designed to serve industrial applications. Several of our products benefit from the same “SW”, as they are managed by the same file system compilation tool and have the same kernel and BSP managed with the same care.”

The 5V SBC-U1A ships with 384KB DDR3 and 4MB flash and supports -40 to 85⁰C temperatures. I/O includes SPI, I2C, A/D, D/A, and up to 15x GPIO. An RTC is onboard. Features and speciations of the Novasom U5 mini POC include :

– RASPMOOD design
– Several interface
– two different Wi-Fi/BT modules availablePIO
– Linux OS
– Power supply 5V, optional 6.5 to 18V
– RGB FPC display port with power supply for the backlight too
– RTC with extarnal battery connector and on board resistive touch controller
– Various GPIO, A/D I2C, SPI, UART 2xRS232 (1 for Console) + 1xCAN
– UPS manager with external battery

Source: NI

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