Next-Gen Xbox Price Will Be More Competitive This Time


When Microsoft first announced the Xbox One, many were surprised when the company revealed that the console would cost more than the PS4. Microsoft bundled the Kinect accessory with it to make things better, then eventually reduced the price.

This difference in price allowed Sony to gain an early advantage, and this is a mistake that Microsoft does not want to repeat. In a recent interview, Microsoft exec Phil Spencer acknowledged Microsoft’s mistake with the pricing of the Xbox One and said that they will definitely not be repeating that again.

“I will say, from the launch of Xbox One, I’ve definitely learned that being too expensive and not powerful enough is not a great place to be. And price and performance are gonna be important, and we’re very focused on both of those things.” He also adds, “If you remember at the launch of Xbox One, we were $100 more expensive and less powerful. So, I won’t be in that position. There’s no doubt about that.”

Right now no one knows how much the next-gen Xbox or the PS5 will cost. We know that both consoles are currently in development, but pricing for them has yet to be officially confirmed.

Source Ubergizmo

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