New Raspberry Pi Sensor Explorer kit expansion pack for the Piper Computer platform


Piper Computer has announced the availability of a new expansion kit for its Raspberry Pi powered learning platform in the form of the Sensor Explorer kit. If you are learning to code or teaching those new to programming the platform is a great place to start.  The Piper Computer Kit which provides everything you need to get started programming and building projects using your Raspberry Pi and various different components starts from $299. The Sensor Explorer kit expansion pack adds further projects and components to your library and is priced at $49. To learn more about the Piper Computer Kit check out the video below.

“The Piper Sensor Explorer enhances the existing Piper experience and offers new possibilities for hands-on STEM learning. Explore and learn about the world around you with sensors that measure temperature, compute distance, and detect color. Delve into 3 captivating new StoryMode worlds and 3 PiperCode projects exclusive to the Piper Sensor Explorer hardware. The Piper Sensor Explorer is recommended for ages 8+.”

To be able to use the new Piper Sensor Explorer kit you will need the Piper Computer Kit and not just a Raspberry Pi. For more information on the full range of accessories available for the Piper Computer Kit powered by the awesome Raspberry Pi mini PC jump over to the official website by following the link below. Components in the kit inlcude :

1x Piper Color Sensor
1x Piper Temperature Sensor
1x Piper Ultrasonic Range Finder
2x 4-Pin Diode Jumper Cables
3x Sensor Profile Cards

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