New Mass Effect Game May Be In Development


Mass Effect is one of the more popular RPGs in recent years. When the original trilogy ended and EA released Mass Effect: Andromeda, it kind of fell flat and this led to the publisher putting the series on hold while they focused on other franchises.

Fans of the game could be in luck now though. According to a report from Kotaku, they claim to have heard from sources that BioWare is in the very early stages of developing a new Mass Effect game. Being early yet, it could be a couple of years before we see or hear anything official about this game.

The report adds that Mike Gamble will be directing the project. He has worked on all of the Mass Effect series to date in various capacities like producer and project manager. We’re not sure when we will be seeing the new game, but BioWare seems to be pretty busy with other projects anyway.

Kotaku’s report also reveals that BioWare is planning an overhaul of Anthem, and let’s not forget that BioWare is also working on Dragon Age 4, so yeah, they are busy. It could be a while before we see anything having to do with Mass Effect.

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