More details on the new iPad Pro tablets revealed


new iPad Pro

new iPad Pro

We have been hearing rumors about the new iPad Pro tablets and now it looks like we have some more details on them.

We previously heard a rumors that the new high end iPads may come with three cameras like the new iPhone 11.

According to a recent report by Bloomberg, the design of the new iPad Pro models will stay the same as the existing tablets, although they will get some updated cameras like the new iPhones.

There will be an 11 inch and 12.9 inch versions of the Pro iPads, they will come with the latest processor and more RAM than the current handsets.

There will also be a new entry level iPad, Apple will get rid of their 9.7 inch iPad and will instead launch a new 10.2 inch entry level iPad, the exact specifications on this are not known.

Apple will be unveiling their new iPhone in early September, the iPhone 11 event is rumored for the 10th of September. The new iPads are expected to be made official at a later event, possibly in September or in early October.

Source Bloomberg, The Verge

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