Microsoft's new app will let parents monitor their child's Xbox gaming sessions

Microsoft’s new app will let parents monitor their child’s Xbox gaming sessions


Microsoft has introduced a new app for parents to help them keep an eye on the Xbox gaming sessions of their children, allowing them to control screen time and who they can communicate with. Called Xbox Family Settings, the app is currently in a preview mode and is now available on Android and iOS.

Parents can create a family account and add members to it. But more importantly, they can set console screen time for the Xbox gaming session of their children, aside from blocking/ unblocking content based on their age. The app will also show daily and weekly activity reports as to how much time their children spend on an Xbox One series console.

There is also an option that will let parents decide if their children can communicate with other online players, while another one lets then accept or reject friend requests on their behalf. Content and screen time limits can be set for PC gaming too if the Microsoft account is linked to the same Xbox profile that is part of a family group.

App UI screenshot showing gaming activity report.
App UI screenshot showing allowed screen time settings.
App UI screenshot for managing online communication settings.

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