Lime active-cooling aluminum case for the LimeSDR range




Developers and enthusiasts using the LimeSDR range of hardware may be interested in a new active cooling aluminium enclosure called the Lime AC case. Designed to connects heat sources on the LimeSDR Mini or LimeSDR USB the aluminium chassis helps to provide both protection and active cooling. Watch the video below to learn more about its design and features.

Lime AC (Active Cooling) Cases are designed for LimeSDR users who want to better manage heat generated by their devices. The cases also make LimeSDRs more portable – protecting the PCB from damage – while they provide RF shielding for enhanced performance. We’ve designed one case for the LimeSDR Mini and three versions for the LimeSDR USB Type-A.

Features :

  • Compatible with both LimeSDR Mini v1.1 and v1.2
  • All major chips are connected to the case by 1 mm thick thermal silica pads
  • Active cooling fan included
  • LED indicator visible through the top of the case
  • Fully-shielded – the vulnerable USB socket is especially protected

For full specifications and to purchase your Lime case jump over to the Crowd Supply website where they are available from $79.

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