Lexus imagines space vehicles for humans on the Moon


Out of the seven concepts, envisioned by five different designers, the one that got published was a motorcycle-like vehicle called Zero Gravity. While it’s supposed to be ridden like a motorbike, it doesn’t have wheels — it was designed with magnetic levitation in mind.

Image: Karl Dujardin/Lexus

The other concepts are just as interesting, though. There’s the Lexus Cosmos that uses a lot of glass, so passengers can enjoy the view while it flies, and the Bouncing Moon Roller that looks like a high-tech gyroscope ride. The Lexus Lunar Cruiser is a multipurpose vehicle meant to provide a smooth ride even on rough lunar terrain, while the Lexus Moon Racer is a recreational vehicle with a glass bubble for a body. Finally, there’s the Lexus Lunar Mission, a vehicle meant to fly people from Earth to its faithful companion.

Of course, all of them are just concepts, and actual lunar vehicles might look a lot less exciting. It’s nice to imagine them flying and zooming around the lunar surface in the future, though, especially since it may take a long, long time before humans become a common sight on the Moon.

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