Keydock transforms your smartphone into a desktop computer


smartphone computer

smartphone computer

Engineer Pierre-Louis Boyer based in Paris, France has taken to Kickstarter this week to launch his new Keydock, offering a way to transform your smartphone into a desktop computer. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the mechanical keyboard that uses the power of your smartphone to provide easy access to the complete Office suite, and the Open-office suite both of which are available on Android enabling you to create and edit documents, presentations, spreadsheets.

“Today, our cell phones have replaced so many devices that we used before : GPS, cameras, music players, game consoles and so much more thanks to countless apps available. They got so powerfull that today your smartphone is probably more powerfull than your current computer. Keydock is a docking keyboard that unleash your smartphone (or tablet!) power and brings you a whole new experience! Once you connect your smartphone to Keydock, the Android interface is presented in Windows-like desktop environment, with resizable windows, mouse cursor, file manager, web browsers…”

Early bird pledges are available from €99 or roughly £86 and worldwide shipping is expected to take place during February 2020.

“Besides the tons of games available for android, you can also enjoy classic windows games through emulators like Exagear, Limbo. Or if you need the latest most demanding windows-only video games, or others windows-only demanding softwares, there’re cloud computers (like that will run them for you at highest performances.”

Source: Kickstarter

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