iFu BS1 compact electric screwdriver set


electric screwdriver set

electric screwdriver set

A new compact electric screwdriver set has launched via Kickstarter this week in the form of the iFu BS1. The electric screwdriver features 3 adjustable speeds, with a max of 260rpm, and boasts a torque of up to 1.2Nm. “In the rare case where you need more than that, drive it manually and the torque goes as high as 5Nm. The transition from electric to manual is seamless, so you can work in safety and efficiency” say its creators.

early bird pledges are available from just £20 offering a 50% discount off the recommended retail price which will take effect once the crowdfunding campaign comes to a close. “The cap/bit holder houses 8 bits within, plus one on the screwdriver already. Without carrying an extra case or anything, you’ve got 9 carefully selected bits, sufficient for over 80% applications around the house.”

Features of the electric screwdriver include

– Smart Overdrive Protection – iFu BS1 stops automatically when it reaches the highest torque, so you don’t need to worry about damage to the screw and your device, or the screwdriver itself.
– Ergonomic Design – The marker sized cylinder body of iFu BS1 with dull polish is friendly to all hand sizes. You can grab it in whatever fashion you want without getting tired even after working it a long time.

Source: Indiegogo

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