Here are the latest Apple Arcade games (Video)


Apple Arcade games

Apple Arcade games

Apple Arcade has been available for a while now and Apple continues to add new games to their subscription gaming service.

Apple has now released a new video which shows the latest games that have been added to Apple Arcade, these can be seen in the video below.

Some of the recent games that are added to Apple’s game subscription service include Rayman Mini, Sociable Soccer and more, here are a full list of the games featured in the video:

  • Rayman Mini, by Ubisoft
  • ShockRods, by Stainless games
  • Ballistic Baseball, by Gameloft
  • Redout Space Assault, by 34BigThings
  • Mosaic, by Raw Fury
  • Takeshi and Hiroshi, by Oink Games
  • Sociable Soccer™, by Rogue Games
  • Monomals, by PICOMY
  • ShockRods, by Stainless games
  • Redout Space Assault, by 34BigThings
  • Team Sonic Racing, by Sega
  • Marble It Up. Mayhem!, by Marble It Up
  • Towaga: Among Shadows, by Noodlecake Studios

There are no more than 100 different games available to play on Apple’s game subscription service and Apple charges $4.99 a month. If you have a family with a couple of kids this is a good deal as you can jhave up to six users on Apple Arcade for the monthly fee.

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