Google announces Your News Update


Google Your News Update

Google Your News Update

Google is announcing  new feature for Google Assistant enabled devices, it is called Your News Update and it is designed to bring you news based on your location, your interests and more.

This new feature will work with Google Assistant devices like your smart speaker or you Assistant enabled smartphone.

When you say, “Hey Google, play me the news” on any Assistant-enabled phone or smart speaker, Your News Update will begin with a mix of short news stories chosen in that moment based on your interests, location, user history and preferences, as well as the top news stories out there.

If you’re a Steelers fan who follows the stock market and lives in Chicago, for example, you might hear a story about the latest “L” construction, an analysis of last Thursday’s Steelers game and a market update, in addition to the latest national headlines. Keep listening and the experience will extend into longer-form content that dives deeper on your interests. In between stories, the Google Assistant serves as your smart news host that introduces which publishers and updates are next.

You can find out more information about thew new Your News Update feature from Google over at their website at the link below.

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