GIGABYTE TRX40 AORUS AMD Ryzen Threadripper motherboard


AMD Ryzen motherboard

AMD Ryzen motherboard

GIGABYTE has today introduced its new range of TRX40 AORUS motherboards providing a powerful foundation for the latest 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen Threadripper Processors. TRX40 AORUS motherboards are PCIe 4.0 ready and are designed to maximise PCIe 4.0 performance

The new AMD Ryzen motherboard features a server-class Intel X550-AT2 Dual GBE LAN, 8DIMM quad-channel DDR4 memory with XMP 4400 MHz+ performance, Intel WIFI 6, 4-way dual width PCIe slots, GC-TITAN RIDGE AIC, and more. The enthusiast-grade TRX40 AORUS motherboards are ideal for content creators looking to build a high-end workstation, hardcore gaming rigs and similar. The flagship GIGABYTE TRX40 AORUS XTREME motherboard is equipped with direct 16+3 phase digital power design Fins-Array Technology cooling solution, a Nanocarbon Baseplate, an 8 mm mega heatpipe, aluminium I/O armor, and a 5 cm chipset fan.

“To extract the best performance from the 3rd Gen. Ryzen Threadripper CPUs, TRX40 AORUS motherboards boast some of the most impressive power designs on consumer motherboards. Select boards feature a 16+3 direct digital power design with all Infineon components. With a direct power design and no doublers used, the motherboards have lower Vcore ripple and higher power efficiency compared to motherboards which adopt a traditional parallel power design. Each phase in the power design is capable of holding up to 70A, for a total power output of 1330A.”

“Raw power aside, the abundant phase count also improves the load balance so that the phases aren’t overworked and generating excess heat, which can be detrimental to the board’s durability. 2X Copper Low-Loss PCB design on the TRX40 AORUS motherboards also allows for superior overclocking as it provides a solid amount of power trace paths between components so that the boards can handle greater than normal power loads. This design also removes excess heat from the critical CPU power delivery area, which is essential for successful overclocking as it ensures the motherboard is capable of handling the increased power loading.”

The new GIGABYTE TRX40 AORUS motherboards will soon be available to purchase although GIGABYTE has not released any details on pricing as yet. In the meantime jump over to the official product page via the link below.

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