Get Started with Arduino book now available


The Raspberry Pi Foundation has published a new book entitled Get Started With Arduino which is now available to purchase priced at £10 directly from the Raspberry Pi Press website and the team responsible for creating the HackSpace magazine.

“We love Arduino here at HackSpace magazine. Both the boards and the IDE have made it easy for a generation of people to get started with physical computing, robotics, and generally playing about with programable electronics. We’ve been featuring great Arduino content since issue 1, and we’ve gathered up our favourite Arduino articles and compiled them together in this book. It includes our series on learning Arduino programming to get you started, a great range of projects to help you hone your skills, and our pick of the best projects from the makersphere to inspire you.

Get Started with Arduino

Get Started with Arduino

Get Started with Arduino is packed full of how-tos and project tutorials to help you get better acquainted with the little blue microcontroller. Whether you’re brand new to digital making, a die-hard Raspberry Pi fan looking to expand your maker skillset, or simply a bit of a bookworm, Get Started with Arduino is a super addition to your bookshelves.”

For more details and to order your copy or download the free PDF jump over to the HackSpace blog.

Source : Hackspace

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