Travel essentials

EssenPack 23 travel essentials in one handy pack


To help make yourself as comfortable as possible while travelling EssenPack has created a new travel essentials pack which is equipped with 23 items to help keep you comfortable while travelling, yet take up a minimal amount of space. The small pouch includes everything from a UV steriliser, T-shirt and chopsticks to a foldable backpack, water bottle and multitool.

Travel essentials

“This travel pouch is out there to help you save space and time. So that when you travel, you have the room to pack the things you want—knowing that the things you need are already packed and ready to go. 23 Travel Essentials Specifically Designed and Crafted to Fit into this Compact and Lightweight Pouch. Each accessory has been manufactured from custom technical fabrics and super lightweight materials, carefully chosen keeping in mind their durability, weight, foldability and practicality.”

“We travel a lot–for work and pleasure–and realised that we always traveled underprepared, or over-prepared. We’d forget essentials or else pack too much. And we never had room for the things we truly wanted to carry. After analysing a traveler’s true needs, we designed the EssenPack to ensure that from now on, we’d be prepared. Always. “

For more information on each item within the travel pack jump over to the official Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign page by following the link below.

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