Easily control analaog music equipment using Gekotool


control analaog music equipment

control analaog music equipment

Musicians needing an easy way to control analogue music equipment may be interested in Gecktool designed by musician Thomas Toengi based in Switzerland. Geckotool is a plug-and-play solution to automate the potentiometers of your favorite analog music gear and boutique effect pedals, Check out the video below for a quick demonstration of it set up and abilities.

Launched via Kickstarter this month Geckotool allows you to get the most out of your “beloved analog gear” with a remote motor control for guitar effects, synthesisers and studio equipment. Application and possibilities using the Gekotool include :

– Set different feedback times on you favorite delay
– Create your own “whawha” by using a combination of treble, middle, bass and presence that run against each other
– Use an expression pedal in combination with the master of the amp? Use a switch too and get as many different boosters as you want!
– One distortion pedal only? Use the full range now!
– Or you can get fancy! While you press the pedal down, the distortion rises from 30-100%, the feedbacktime of the delay gets back from 80% to 0%, the volume from 65-60% (because of the rise of distortion). At the same time the tremolo speed rises and its dry/wet-part almost back to none.
– Automate your effects or synthesizers with your DAW
– Sick of drawing the postitions of your knobs to recall that one “perfect synth sound”?
– The band from last week wants to change something on the final mix from your music studio but you cannot recall the settings of your mastering equipment? Not anymore! recall them at any time over and over again.
– Send VC-gate/LFO-signals from your modular system to all the gear without CV inputs

Features of Gekotool :

– Complete integration into your favourite setup
– Plug and play
– Expandable modular system to fit your personal needs
– 4 Inputs for expression pedal, button, switch, LFO, CV-Gate, midi-controller, DAW, etc.
– 21st century user interface: geckotool app with bluetooth (download the free demo-app for iOS and Android to check out the functionality)
– So small it even fits in a pedalboard
– The system automatically detects the units and calibrates them
– Create presets and recall them anytime WITHOUT the app
– Mothership with 3 CV-inputs, Midi-In, button, 3 outputs, and 2,4″ TFT-display, it works stand-alone (without the app) after editing
– SD-card: Almost the entire software-code (mothership AND App) will be freely available (Open Source) for your even nerdier projects.

Source: Kickstarter

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