Corsair's CES Haul: A Sliding-Fan CPU Cooler, New K95 Keyboard | News & Opinion

Corsair’s CES Haul: A Sliding-Fan CPU Cooler, New K95 Keyboard | News & Opinion


In the new A500 CPU cooler, two 2,400rpm fans can move up and down on the heatsink for greater flexibility, accommodating large RAM modules. Plus, an old-favorite Corsair keyboard gets leveled up.

LAS VEGAS—At CES this year, Corsair had a more muted presence than at previous events, revealing just two new products: a 170mm air-cooling CPU fan, and a new RGB keyboard that fine-tunes a proven, winning design.

CES 2020 Bug ArtThe first, the A500 Air Cooler, uses a quad-pipe, direct-contact cooling solution to keep either your AMD or Intel CPU chilled out during extreme gaming sessions. Although cooling fans haven’t seen a ton of new innovations over the past decade, Corsair is still eking out ways to keep the category interesting with additions like its slide-and-lock fan mounting system.

This method of attaching the two 2,400rpm fans to the heatsink allows for greater flexibility in your build. You can slide the fans up or down to accommodate larger RAM modules. Quite often with many fans and heatsinks, DIMM-module clearance is an issue. That is especially true today with DIMMs using large, tall heat spreaders and RGB paraphernalia. Having the ability to adjust the relative fan spacing and distance is a boon for some PC DIY-upgrade and build situations.

Next is the company’s new gaming keyboard, the K95 RGB Platinum XT. We awarded the K95 RGB Platinum an Editors’ Choice a couple of years ago. The XT contains a number of improvements, including the move from ABS keycaps to a new PBT Double-Shot keycap system (double-shot molding is revered for delivering durable keycaps), as well as the inclusion of six dedicated macro keys, which will work in tandem with Elgato’s Stream Deck software. (Corsair acquired Elgato, a key player in capture hardware and streaming gear, in 2018.)

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT

The Corsair A500 Air Cooler goes on sale now for $99, while the K95 RGB Platinum XT will retail for $199.99.

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