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Co/Studio has been designed to enable you to transform any space into your personal working workstation in just a couple of seconds. Whether you are working from our hotel or remotely the Co/Studio provides a selection of accessories to help working away from your office or home that little more comfortable. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the Co/Studio.

Co Studio

Co/Studio is now available via Kickstarter with earlybird pledges from $35 or roughly £28 and worldwide delivery expected to take place during March 2020.

“Co/studio is a system of products that redefines conventionally static work culture by empowering you to work on the go. Turn any space into your own personal workstation – creating structure, offering repose, and sparking inspiration – all at a size that fits in your everyday carry. But working on-the-go also comes at a high cost – battery drainage, clutter, lack of privacy and everyone’s greatest fear: no power outlets!! Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to bring all the conveniences of working from our homes and offices with us no matter where we go? “

“We are Cosmilli and we are proud to introduce Co/Studio, the state-of-the-art setup can transform any space into a full-fledged personal workstation in just seconds. It is uniquely designed to complement modern mobile professionals. A revolution in mobile working, Co/Studio combines a suite of products to complement the modern mobile lifestyle and work experience. First, we started with the Pad, the foundation of Co/Studio. The Pad is a versatile unit that provides multiple working surfaces with its simple folding mechanism. The work pad doubles as a stable platform for your devices, a private shield or a space divider in crowded areas.”

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