Cancelled Metallic Gold OnePlus 7T leaks

Cancelled Metallic Gold OnePlus 7T leaks


Hao Ran, a designer for OnePlus, shared some images of OnePlus 7T Metallic Gold edition. Reportedly this color was cancelled before the phone went into mass production. In recent times, Gold colors has been chosen by many smartphone manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, LG, Xiaomi and many more, but most of them have chosen a duller shade of gold compared to the brighter shade by OnePlus.

OnePlus team is also seen testing the phone’s color when the phone is held near the head, these are most certainly internal team testing images as we can see the lady holding the phone is an OnePlus Employee.

OnePlus 7T was launched some time back in 2 colors: Frosted Silver and Glacier Blue. It won’t be surprising if the gold color gets an official launch as OnePlus is famous for introducing new colors of their existing phones.

Via: Weibo, Twitter

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