Canadian Pixel 4a trade-in buyers won't have to be phone-less after all

Canadian Pixel 4a trade-in buyers won’t have to be phone-less after all


Source: Alex Dobie / Android Central

Canadian buyers of the Pixel 4a are in line to be the victims of a teenager’s worst nightmare: a week without a smartphone. As numerous reports from the Great White North show, Google has already shipped out trade-in kits for some would-be buyers of its latest smartphone, the Pixel 4a.

The only problem is, some of the kits arrived as early as August 3, and they expire in 30 days, which in this Redditor’s case (via Android Police) means the trade-in device must be sent to Google by September 3. Yet, their new phone won’t actually be shipped by Google until at least September 10, meaning that in order to abide by Google’s terms, they would need to stay without a phone for a week.

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Failing to provide the trade-in device to Google within the allotted 30 days would result in its value deprecating, and Google’s representatives have, thus far, refused to offer any solutions beyond promises to “do their best” to ship the phone earlier.

Several other buyers have also reported the same issues on the Reddit thread. One possible solution seems to be cancelling and re-starting the trade-in process so that a new trade-in kit that lines up with the shipping date for the Pixel 4a is sent out.

We’ll update this article if Google makes a statement to address the obvious blunder.

Update, August 14 (10:28 am ET) — Google says Canadian Pixel 4a buyers will get 30 days to send their trade-in device.

Google today sent a statement to Android Police to clarify that Canadian buyers will have 30 days to send their trade-in device after they receive their Pixel 4a.

Google Store has clarified its trade in policy for customers who pre-ordered a Pixel 4a. The trade-in estimate is valid for 30 days from the day their new phone is delivered. Even though customers can send their trade-in device at any time, if it arrives more than 30 days after their new device was delivered it’ll be assessed at current market value instead of their quoted estimate. Current market value is determined by the trade-in terms.

You can visit the the Google Store help page to view all the details.

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