Boomerang Box mechanical photograph flipbook


Boomerang Mechanical Flipbook

Boomerang Mechanical Flipbook

Viewing digital photographs and videos is always in good but what happens if you would like to enjoy something a little more tactile. A new Kickstarter campaign may have the answer. The Boomerang Box is a mechanical flip book that allows you to transform videos into animations that can be controlled by cranking a handle on the side of the display case. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the unique animation project which is now available to back via Kickstarter from just $47 or roughly £37.

Each Boomerang Box is 34 frames enough for a snippet of video although you can view them as fast or as slowly as you like by turning the handle appropriately.

If all goes to plan and the Kickstarter campaign is successful, worldwide shipping is expected to take place during March 2020. “The Boomerang Box allows you to replay and relive your favourite moments. More than just a photo-frame, the Boomerang Box makes a great gift, decor item, or keepsake. Think of it as an ingenious hybrid between a photo-frame and flip-book. It’s the perfect way to bring your favourite boomerangs, videos, and GIFs to life.”

“That part is up to you! You can choose any boomerang you’ve uploaded to Instagram, select a video or GIF, or create a new boomerang in our app. We print and attach your photos to thick, high-quality cards, assemble your personalized Boomerang Box, and it arrives at your door ready to enjoy. “

Source: Kickstarter

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