Banana Pi BPI-F2S mini PC unveiled with SunPlus SP7021 chip design


Banana Pi BPI-F2S mini PC

Banana Pi BPI-F2S mini PC

Taking to the website this month the development team at Banana Pi have unveiled a new Banana Pi BPI-F2S with SunPlus SP7021 chip design. The Banana Pi BPI-F2S is the first board created thanks to a partnership between the Banana Pi team and SunPlus, offering and industrial grade single board mini PC.

“SunPlus sf7021 is a revolutionary SoC that has the power of a Linux-grade chip and the integration simplicity of a with ARM Cortex-A7 Quad core, ARM926 real-time core, 8051 low-power coreConceived by Sunplus Technology in collaboration with Tibbo Technology, PLUS1 takes all the sophisticated elements typically found in modern industrial-grade embedded Linux chips, adds a plethora of features targeting IoT and industrial control applications, and delivers the resulting design in a simple microcontroller-like package that needs few external components, simplifies the schematic diagram, and reduces the PCB complexity.”

“SP7021 is a SoC solution of industrial control. It meets customers’full demand on function but with low cost so that will improve customers’ competitiveness in the market. SP7021 provides rich GPIOs, storage and USB interface. And it provides MIPI CSI interface for video input and HDMI interface for video output. It also provides FPGA interface for function extension. SP7021 also has 4 Ethernet ports providing customers a high competitive solution.”

Features and specifications of the Banana Pi BPI-F2S mini PC :

– Quad-core 1GHz Cortex-A7 CPU, plus A926 and 8051 cores.
– Single 3.3V power
– Integrated 128MB or 512MB DDR3 DRAM.
– Eight 8-bit 5V-tolerant IO ports, plus one high-current port.
– Flexible Peripheral Multiplexing (PinMux).
– Dual PinMuxable Ethernet MACs.
– Four PinMuxable Enhanced UARTs, plus one console UART.
– Industrial operating temperature range: -40C ~ +85C.~Low EMI simplifies certification.
– Modern, Yocto-based Linux distribution.
– 10-year supply guarantee.
– Robust ready-to-run modern Linux distribution available


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